The actual American Fibre Business

The actual American Fibre Business

The USDA has just issued the latest figures on the first quarter of American textile trade and exports and imports by fibre and we draw your attention to the latest projections for cotton crop for the actual season

The newest statistical data gives the following detailed American textile export situation by fibre. From January 2012 to March 2012 man-made textiles volume exported amounted to 426614000 pounds and the corresponding volume for cotton is 413104000 pounds, for linen25579000 pounds, wool 22903000 pounds and silk 9606000 pounds.

With focus on textile imports by fibre in the first quarter there are the following results: man-made textiles 1644681000 pounds, cotton 1853065000 pounds, linen 141589000 pounds, wool 84203000 pounds and silk 46026000 pounds.

The USDA’s estimates for the 2012 cotton crop harvest 17 million bales, in 2011 there were almost 15.6 million bales. The increase in 2012 is based on a recover in harvest from last season’s drought-reduced crop and that had reduced the cotton plant area by 11 %. According to the results of 96 percent of the planting of the expected cotton area the current forecast is at 10.5 million acres, implying an abandonment rate of 20 %, in 2011 this rate amounted to a record 36 %. The yield 2012 is estimated at 777 (790) pounds per harvested acre.

It is further projected that the U.S. share of world cotton trade in 2012/13 will rise from an 11 year low of 27 % to 32 %. U.S. ending stocks were lowered in 2011/12 season but remain unchanged for the ongoing season and are estimated at 4.9 (3.2) million bales and a stocks-to-use ratio of 32 (21) % and the farm price is projected in a range of 60 to 80 US cents per pound, meaning below the average of the former season at estimated 91 US cents.

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