German-American Designer with affinity to China

German-American Designer with affinity to China

According to an interview with the Wall Street Journal German designer Diane von Fürstenberg (65) arrived in New York in 1969 with a suitcase full of wrap dresses and today here lines entail clothing, accessories, fragrances and home products

In the interview she tells that she has a more personalised approach to China’s rising middle class than other luxury marketers. She has been visiting China for the first time as early as 1989. Meanwhile her company opened stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu and she underlines her motivation and prospects for the Chinese business: “She wanted to come and understand the culture and make friends and if she would be younger, she’d love to live there”.

The question, if she would design specifically for the Chinese market, she surprisingly answered: Whether the lady customer is Russian, Brazilian, French or American, my consumer is the same. But it is great to design for Chinese women, because they have great bodies. They are slim and have tiny waists, so it’s nice”.

She commented the question if she would ever consider retiring: “I think I will be DVF till the end. I don’t want to retire from life. I am too engaged, I am too curious, too interested and I still think I can make an impact. And in this part of my life, I want to make an impact”.

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