EU 27 enforces controls on biocides

EU 27 enforces controls on biocides

As we all know biocides are chemical agents who are capable to kill living organisms. The propose new EU Regulation seeks to introduce stricter measures for commonly used products being treated with biocides

This revision of the existing biocide products Directive (1998/8/EC) was necessary because ordinary products routinely treated with biocides are not covered in the existing Directive.

The future Regulations is to establish also rules for an EU list of active substances which were allowed to be used in biocide treated products such as detergents, textile products, wallpaper, curtains and toilet seats. The application of biocides has to be officially approved and declared. Some problematic substances proven to cause cancer will be banned, except when they are essential and no other alternatives are available.

After publication in the EU’s Official Journal the EU authorisation scheme for biocides will come into effect as of September 1, 2013, namely for human and veterinary hygiene, disinfectants for food and feed areas, for drinking water, insecticides, acaricides and products to control other arthropods, repellants and attractants. By January 2017 it will be extended to other chemical agents and in 2020 for further remaining biocides.

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