The new Monforts Fong’s plant in Zhongshan

The new Monforts Fong’s plant in Zhongshan

At ITMA Asia + CITME, Alex Wan, CEO of the Fong’s Industries Company Ltd belonging to China Hi-Tech Group (CHTC) revealed some more details about the new Monforts Fong’s new factory in Zhongshan (PRC). As we all know meanwhile CHTC / Fong’s acquired German Monforts (see TextileFuture Newsletter June 14th)

The total surface of the new factory will be – after the planned additional purchase of an area of 186000 m2 and procedures for this addition should be completed by mid-July – around 40200 m2 or about five times the size of the existing Shenzhen factory in the Pearl River Delta. Monforts Fong’s has already moved to the new location covering a total area of 68000 m2 whereas the Shenzhen factory covers an area of 25’000 m2.

Since the first production at Monforts Fong’s an its introduction in China over 90 Monforts MONTEX Stenter 6500 were sold and installed.

Alex Wan stated also that “the dyeing and finishing industry has experienced an unprecedented hardship. The global textile market moves stringently towards ecological and environmental protection, energy cost are daily on the way up and the financial depression continues to sprawl over EUR areas and even to the Asia-Pacific region. Nevertheless, we have every reason to believe that under the leadership of CHTC, Fong’s Industries will surely prosper and further contribute to the rejuvenation of the Chinese textile Industry step by step to leap from a “Textile Country” to a “Textile Power”. And he invited all to join us in developing a greener and healthier textile industry.

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