Finest handmade Cashmere Collection 2012 from Nepal

Finest handmade Cashmere Collection 2012 from Nepal

Sherpa Pashmina Art in Kathmandu, Nepal is offering the finest handmade cashmere collection 2012

The company is acting as a wholesaler, retailer and manufacturer of Pashmina (Cashmere), Silk and wool based items such as shawls, stoles, scarves, blankets, cushions, hot water bottle cover and knit wears to mention just a few. It caters to quality, size, design, finishing and colours. And the quotations are very interesting and competitive since the company is a wholesaler of these mentioned raw materials in the local market.

The new collection offers reversible articles of lower quality (up to 60 % silk, 40 % viscose Pashmina with very soft touch) in different sizes, the reversible articles in Pashmina of high quality an in three sizes (up to 80% Pashmina and 20 % silk) and for the 70/30 Pashmina three qualities and sizes (high, medium and low containing 70 % Pashmina and 30 % silk in high quality) however the medium quality will not containing exact 70 % Pashmina and also the 100 % Pashmina offering is available in three qualities (high medium and low). For bedding the price will be as per the size of shawls like and bedding are fixed in fringes, extra charges will be charged for shawls according to the quality in this range. Knitwear is charged on a per gram basis either plain or designed.

It is also worthwhile to visit the website below to get to know the organisation of the company and the ideas and philosophy of the firm.

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