Filtrona Porous Technologies acquires Lymtech Scientific

Filtrona Porous Technologies acquires Lymtech Scientific

American Filtrono plc (specialist plastics, fibre and foam products) announces the acquisition of American John R. Lyman Company and Big Blue Properties (together Lymtech Scientific) for its Porous Technologies Division

Lyman Scientific is a manufacturer and distributor of porous sopecialty wiping materials used within the clean environment required by the medical, life science, electronic and industrial markets and will add complementary technology in a growth segment to Filtrona Porous Technology and at the same time enhances its commercial capability through the addition of distribution channels.

Russ Rogers, President of Filtrona considers the transaction not only as logical extension of the porous fibre manufacturing technology but as well as the key to access to the attractive growth and higher value clean room and controlled environment wipes market and by leveraging the global commercial and operational resources covering geographically the sizeable Asian and European clean room wipes market.

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