How to combine the European soccer championship with product presentation

How to combine the European soccer championship with product presentation

The German chemical giant BASF demonstrates how to combine the ongoing European soccer championship with effective product presentation of its various business divisions

BASF construction chemicals can be found in various construction projects, including concrete admixtures, protective coatings and thermal insulations systems, for example for building and repairing streets and bridges in Poland and Ukraine. Concrete admixtures were used for the extension of Polish freeways 1,2, 4, national route S7 and the construction of the North Bridge over the Vistula River in Warsaw. Emaco® repair mortar and Masterseal® coatings were used in the construction of a new terminal a Boryspil Airport near Keiv, Ukraine. Admixtures cater to shorter construction times, coupled with maximum concrete quality and stability. The BASF Multitherm HSV(r) insulation system has been chosen for the erection of the national stadium in Warsaw, Poland, it insulates the stadium from the interior for maximum energy efficiency. Parts of Polish and Ukrainian soccer stadiums include flooring systems and playing surface from BASF and its products were also used for caulking the grandstands and foundations of Warsaw’s National Stadium and the Poznan western Poland stadium. For the conversion of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev concrete admixture Pozzolith® 100 and Conipur® M sports surface were also applied.

Also athletes are provided with a BASF key component in their soccer shoes, in fact such shoes are composed of more than 30 different pars and BASF’s Elastollan® is a major component made of specialty polyurethane, used in soles, toe guards, stiffener and absorption elements to make shoes more flexible, lightweight and sturdy. Sporting apparel such as soccer shirts contain an intermediate called PolyTHF® as a component of stretchy elastane or spandex fibres. BASF produces as well comp9onents for functional textiles including thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPI) for breathable sports and leisure textile and Ultramid® is a polyamide with a light protection factor of up to 80 to block sun rays.

Players receive after the game BASF vitamin E, B and D supplements in fruit beverages and sodas.

This proves that a company can present its product palette efficiently at such an important sports event. We would call this intelligent marketing!

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