Japanese companies are on global buying spree

Japanese companies are on global buying spree

According to Dealogic and Wall Street Journal, Japanese companies are more or less on a global buying spree since 1985 (peak) up to 2011 and the investments made in the textile sectors represent only a small part of it

The Japanese mergers and acquisition in various industrial fields were as follows: in media and entertainment 32.7 % in 1985 and 2.9 % between 2007 to 2011, in industrial companies 11.5 % respectively 3.8 %, in real estate 3.9 % respectively 1.1 %, in consumer products and services 3.1 % and 1.7 %, high technology 9.8 % and 9.2 %, in financials 17.5 % and 17 %, retail 1.1 % for both time periods, in telecommunication 0.3 % and 2.8 %, in materials 10.7 % and 16.3 %, in consumer staples 4.3 % and 11 %, in energy and power 0.9 % and 9.7 % and health care 4.1 % and 23.5 %.

In 2011 the geographical investment was made in Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain), Africa (South Africa), Asia (India, China, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore and also in Australia, the USA, Mexico and Jamaica. In South America: in Brazil, Chile and Colombia. The largest transaction were around USD 50 billion (USA), USD 25 billion in Brazil and Europe, India and Australia and USD one billion in China, Philippines, Netherlands and Belgium, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Jamaica.

We would also like to recall the recent acquisitions and co-operations from Toyota (Swiss Uster Technology and the German Trützschler joint product developments). Check relevant news items on our website www.textile-future.com



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