First part of Rieter’s new Chinese production plant inaugurated

First part of Rieter’s new Chinese production plant inaugurated

Today, the first part of the new Rieter (Spinning Systems) production plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu province (PRC) was officially inaugurated in presence of high ranking officials and representatives of the Chinese and Swiss textile sector


Swiss Rieter’s presence in China dates back to 1940 when Chinese spinning mill customers purchased the first Rieter machines. In the 1990s Rieter enhanced its presence by a joint-venture assembly plant to open its own production plant in 2000. In addition, Rieter invested in market-specific product development as well as in sales and distribution, local customer services and local manufacturing.

Rieter_Changzhou_plant_2_rotor_spinning_machine_assembly_line_Press__37819The The site now opened is the second Rieter plant in Changzhou and is fully operative. Up to the end of 2013 further production buildings will follow to completion of the site. The aim is to generate a stronger growth rate in local markets with adequate local products serving the specific needs of the market, and in this respect the actual adapted product ranges include a semi-automatic rotor spinning machine, draw frame and combing machines and carding and blow room machines and for these production capacities are extended. It is also planned to add a production for ring spinning machines. Up to 2013 Rieter will offer two market adapted spinning processes (including all preparation stages) in China. Additionally the plants in Changzhou will play a key role in Rieter’s global production network.

At the opening ceremony, Rieter’s Chairman Erwin Stoller stated that the new plant “does not only follow up our principles of operational excellence, but sets also new benchmarks”.

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