EU textile and clothing industry unhappy with new GSP

EU textile and clothing industry unhappy with new GSP

On June 13th, 2012 the European Parliament approved the new GSP Generalised System of Preferences entering into force in 2014, but the amendments made do not meet all requests of EU textile and clothing industry

Euratex was lobbying to obtain a more balanced result for the two branches of industry. The reinforcement of the Textile and Clothing Safeguard Clause is a positive outcome, states Alberto Paccanelli, the President of EURATEX, but that Pakistan (the 5th EU textile and clothing supplier) is to enter the EU market at free of duty under the accepted GSP+ if not a waiver will be soon also accepted at least for some categories of textiles and clothing. Paccanelli underlines that when examining if a country complies with all the conditions to benefit from GSP+ status (excluded from this status are some emerging countries such as Argentina, Brazil and the Gulf countries) the EU takes an objective and unbiased approach and does not let political considerations interfere in decisions .

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