The fashion master mind behind German Chancellor’s blazers

The fashion master mind behind German Chancellor’s blazers

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is famous for wearing colourful blazer ensembles mostly with trouser but sometimes also with skirts and there is a master mind behind this in the person of German designer Bettina Schoenbach (51) who owns a show room of three stories in Hamburg (D)

Fashion designer Bettina Schoenbach’s creations are not following every fashion trend but prefer classics and Angela Merkel is her customer since shortly before her election to become Chancellor of Germany in 2005 and she continues to seek her advice ever since. A woman herself, in a male dominated world, she understands what her customers need and she is the best client to her own lines. She knows that some female customers do prefer to look sexy and they are wearing preferably dresses and styles that are working with their personality. Schoenbach advised Angela Merkel to exclusively wear straight-cut pants and three-button, diagonal pocketed blazers that the fashion designer creates for her and Merkel feels that it is matching her style and of course, what she is wearing as a public dignitary is also drawing attention. Even German fashion authority and designer Karl Lagerfeld, who otherwise never holds back his critic found the style of Angela Merker “OK” but added that the cut could be more precise and she should wear jackets open over a blouse with better-cut trousers!”

Schoenbach has been studying design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York (USA) and completed an internship in Paris (F) with Madame Renata. In her 20’s she worked in News York at Armani, Ungaro and Valentino then returned to Hamburg because of her children and in 1998 she created her own label and her client list includes also German television personalities like Judith Rakers and Sabine Christiansen and author Ildikó von Kürthy and also Gabi Bauer, host of the German ARD TV Night Magazine has a preference for Schoenbach’s designed fashion. In fact, a blazer from Schoenbach’s ready-to-wear black label collections costs around EUR 750. She set foot also on internet sales this year for accessories, handbags an a few untailored pieces. Otherwise her fashion is available only in her townhouse or by appointment. Thanks to her daughter entering the working world, Schoenbach launched a more affordable collection for young women in 2011 featuring more cotton garments and classic pieces in colours such as bright pink, red and lime, with a blazer costing EUR 350.

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