Burberry plans new size for its stores

Burberry plans new size for its stores

British Burberry, famed for its trench coats and plaid-patterned accessories is planning to increase its retail space by 12 to 14 % in fiscal 2013

The focus of the expansion is put on larger stores whereas other U.K. retailers are rather cutting back on space expansion.

Burberry has profited in the past from bolstered sales growth in China and across Asia but in these uncertain times many analysts are questioning the sustainability of the luxury boom, especially in Asia and Burberry’s revenue growth in Asia slowed down to 43 % in fiscal 2012 from 62 % in 2011 and from 51 % to 37 % in the first half year of 2011. Burberry showed a net profit of GBP 263.3 million (around USD 415 million) for the year to March 31, 2012, compared with GBP 307.4 million a year earlier as revenue increased 24 % to GBP 1.76 billion.


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