Denim varieties with Tencel are eco friendlier

Denim varieties with Tencel are eco friendlier

At the Paris PV Denim in Paris (F) 20 % of the exhibitors had TENCEL® from Lenzing (A) in their denim collections thanks to the eco-friendliness of the fibre

800 million pairs of jeans are produced globally and per year and is producing an important environmental impact during the entire process from raw cotton to the end product.

According to Lenzing the mixing of 25 % TENCEL fibres with cotton (organic cotton gives even better results) improves the environmental profile of jeans because of the efficient use of land and higher yield per hectare of TENCEL®. Also the alternative dyeing process approved by GOTS and the Control Union employing pre-reduced synthetic indigo systems reduce further the ecologic footprint and can be applied easily on TENCEL® denim. Also washing can be improved by reduction of chemicals, water and energy and TENCEL® jeans allow a reduction of water consumption of 45 % and need a 35 % lower chemical load.

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