Seminar and Open Space event to re-invent textile formation

Seminar and Open Space event to re-invent textile formation

The textile umbrella organisations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are jointly organising a conference and on the second day an open space event on June 15 – 16, 2012 at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen (D) and the motto is “Rethinking textile formation – an international seminar on formation”

The first day is a half-a-day conference with notable speakers and experts, such as the presidents of the textile umbrella organisations of the three countries, then Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger of the Medical Universitity of Vienna and the subject “The average trap: genes – talents – chances. Dr. Klaus Heimann will represent the union IG Metall (D) and Gerald Kreuzer the Union PRO-GE (A) and both are presenting their formation vision from the viewpoint of workers and employees of the textile industry. Werner Erhart from Arula GmbH (A) will try to explain what the companies’ requirements are in the next 20 years, and Prof. Dr. Waltraud Rusch from the Pedagogic University of Karlsruhe (D) will draw the future picture on how schooling will meet these requirements and how practical intelligence can be enhanced. Following are three reports on daily life in technical schools of the three countries (Textilfachschule Münchberg (D), HTL Dornbirn (A) and Swiss Textilfachschule STF)

The chosen Open Space Method for the second day is creating a fictive room where human beings organise themselves and will express their needs and demands in self-responsibility. The success of the conference thus depends with the successful transfer of the formulated ideas.

We will keep you informed on the resulting findings!

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