BREAKING NEWS -Trützschler extends its product offering by adding combing machines



Trützschler extends its product offering by adding combing machines

By Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura

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German Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG and Japanese Toyota Industries Corp. (TICO), have jointly developed a new type of combing machine revolutionising combing. At the same time this represents an addition to the present product portfolio offered by Trützschler

According to the press release, the two companies will also cooperate in manufacturing and marketing of these new combing machines. The announcement was made on June 12, 2012 at the ongoing ITMA Asia +CITME textile machinery exhibition in Shanghai (PRC).

It is not publicly known how long ago this cooperation between the two companies was started and also whether Toyota approached Trützschler or vice versa.

The joint press release refers to Toyota’s experience in building weaving machines with special servo motor technology and this specific knowhow is reflected in the newly jointly developed comber generation. Its prototype, the Toyota-Trützschler TCO 12, is presented in Shanghai, and it disposes of individual motors to synchronously drive the combing elements on both sides and leading to minimising the torsion of the elements and the vibration of the machine, it leads also to the significantly reduced combing condition variance of the eight combing heads and improves the sliver quality. The performance potential of this machine exceeds the up to now state-of-the-art according to in-house information of the two companies.


Trützschler contributed to the project a new head stock with draw box and can-changer, and its experiences in building draw frames with individual drives, equipped with highly dynamic levelling. To optimize the combing machine, the latest Trützschler draw frame quality sensor DISC MONITOR has been integrated to permanently monitor quality and providing all data for automatic self-optimisation of the comber. Thanks to the individual drive technology of the combing elements, e.g. the piecing process is automatically optimized, and the deviations in lap weight are solved because the sliver count is permanently monitored and corrected when needed.

According to the in-house information the technological leap was basically achieved by the simultaneous integration of the knowhow by Trützschler and Toyota. Trützschler will manufacture the new type of combing machine.

Rieter affronts a combined forces competitorship

Trützschler’s extension of its product portfolio in combing is a direct attack on Swiss Rieter having just launched a new comber generation (see Textile-Future news here). At first glance it seems that the Trützschler/Toyota TCO 12 represents a real leap in combing technology and will be a true competition for Rieter’s new E-80 and TCO 12 seems to offer a superior price/efficiency (ROI) ratio.

Rieter’s chance is that Trützschler/Toyota TCO 12 is presented as prototype, but the reality check is already under way and this might leave Rieter only a rather short time to market and commercialise its new combing machines and many customers will have to weigh in their decision process the longstanding experience of Rieter in this area against the newly offered technology by Trützschler/Toyota, however with an equal excellent record of technological enhancement and reliability.


The new cooperation raises the question whether the joint development of combing machines between Toyota and Trützschler is leading to further cooperative R & D and the launching of new technology and products. Trützschler seems to be additionally inclined to intensify and extend its drawing business.

TCO 12 will be sold both by the Trützschler as well as by the Toyoda sales organisations and the customer decides according to his preference.

Probably Toyota’s recent total acquisition of Swiss Uster Technology has to be reconsidered as to the future plans to expand weaving knowhow to the spinning area. The new aspects of the collaboration with Trützschler will probably have a “en suite” and an old motto states: The sky is the limit!

Anyhow, today’s announcement is going to shake up and revolutionise the spinning world! Maybe the cards and trumps in the game will be reshuffled?

There is quite enough food for thought, don’t you think so?

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