New comber from Swiss Rieter

New comber from Swiss Rieter

At the ongoing ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai (PRC) Rieter uses this showcase for Asian and global customers and is launching the newly developed E 80 combing machine

 E_80_comber_0029_Press__29242 Rieter

The new E80 comber is meeting the highest requirements in view to productivity, quality (+ 20 % improved IPI values) and efficiency and in combination with the fully automated winding system ROBOlap a production of two tons (84 kg/h) daily is possible, including a gentle, controlled fibre treatment thanks to the optimised coordinated combing movements by Computer Aided Process Development (CAPDQ) and the largest combing area developed by Rieter. The focus is selectable according to the customer’s need.

The unique and mill tested fully automatic lap change and piecing system ROBOlap is an accepted and given standard for modern combing lines and the lap transport system offers the choice between a semi-automatic lap transport by SERVOtrolley E 16 / E 17 or fully automated by SERVOlap E 26.

The use of cans with 1000 mm diameter allows a uniform can dimension from the card up to the comber allowing the stock reduction of different cans and is saving investment costs and the larger can size decreases also the operator’s efforts and improves yarn quality by reducing the number of silver piecings.

The new comber is a product of several years of intensive development projects enhancing combing technology. The design permits a 45 % larger combing area with selectable focus and geared to productivity, quality or raw material yield (+ 2 %) and provides the customer with a wide area of choices and thanks to the high flexibility the market requirements can be met quickly.

Further information can be had from the website below.

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