Fitness, dance and bespoke apparel at London’s Harrods

Fitness, dance and bespoke apparel at London’s Harrods

American Zumba Fitness LLC has collaborated with iconic British department store Harrods to launch a bespoke UK inspired range of ZUMBA® apparel now available in stores and the line comprising two dozen pieces is exclusively presented for two months on the fifth floor of Harrods in London

Zumba the Fitness Phenomenon

Zumba Fitness is a global dance fitness phenomenon founded in Miami, Florida (USA) with more than 12 million fans across 125 countries worldwide. It is an international music-inspired fitness party fusing dance styles such as samba, flamenco, hip-hop, reggae and meringue into an exhilarating workout. The company has grown in the last three years by almost 800 % and developed into a lifestyle brand for fitness, entertainment, culture, music, video gaming and apparel. The first ever retail line features rich fabrics and stylish silhouettes and underlines the bold and vibrant style that is synonymous with the ZUMBA® brand, including signature bright green and neon pink colours and including special treatments and print techniques to the fabrics, including chrome and reptile artwork adorned by iridescent and gunmetal foil. Incorporated are also different sized crystals and studs to give dimension to each piece thus a fresh take on luxury perfectly in tune with the Harrods style, states Sigal Cohen, ZUMBA® fashion design manager.






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