Folies Bergère’s costumes on the block

Folies Bergère’s costumes on the block

In a bidder process at an auction in Paris (F) the extravagant costumes of the revue theater Folies Bergères were sold last weekend under the surveillance of Helène Martini (87) and directress of the establishment until last year.

The directress of the “Folies” is known also as empress of the night and from around 6000 costumes used for the stage performances there were about 1000 now up for sale. A second tranche and larger in size were on the block today June 13. The first round was reserved to private buyers and the second is destined to theaters and traders.

The first auction entailed many French-Can-Can costumes and evening gowns decorated with crystal stones and embroideries. The initial bidding prices were intentionally low in order to allow all buyers to buy according to their financial means but the prices went quickly only in one direction: up and up! For example a crown decorated with pheasant feathers estimated at EUR 300 went for EUR 1900 and a lizard outfit for EUR 1100 or more than ten times of the original price and 500 different objects brought EUR 180000 and there were only 20 pieces leaving for less than EUR 100.

A short video of the Folies’ outfits can be had from the following link it is in French but self explaining!

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