How to increase the effectiveness of Global Supply Chains

How to increase the effectiveness of Global Supply Chains

The financing of global supply chains has to be effected cost efficient, probably online and taking into account inherent risks and managing liquidity of a company. The American Atlanta based PrimeRevenue (founded in 2004) offers successful supply chain finance (SCF) programs

The programs are intended to provide buyers and suppliers with comprehensive SCF programs and the newest one is OpenSCiTM serving at large the needs of financing effectively important supply chains.

The company is taking care of around four million transactions per month and of a value of USD five billion but this is representing only around 10 % of direct needs of a buyer and practically and so far it is practically not covering indirect expenses. The volume entrusted to the platform of PrimeRevenue might represent around 3 % of the global turnover of the 6800 suppliers registered. The company is not only trying to reach more buyers but also more suppliers. Modular OpenSCi is offering more tools and value for suppliers and those making use of the platform daily will have a better overview and results in view to the flux of creditor’s payments and treasury management.

More details on all aspects can be had from the following website.

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