How a dye house expands to become an image builder for others

How a dye house expands to become an image builder for others

Finnish family owned Lindström (founded in 1848 as a dye house and becoming a professional textile rental firm) has started out from dye house to add services to customers, first in Finland and now in Europe and Asia (over one third of net turnover (2011 +5.2 % or from EUR 249 to EUR 262 million) is generated abroad, and by acting as a textile service company in 21 countries. In Finland (also hygiene, restaurant textiles and industrial shop towel services) and Hungary the offering entails also mat and protective equipment service

The company owns also a subsidiary with Comforta Oy offering hotel textile services in Finland, Sweden, Estonia (since 1992 and the first non-Finnish venture) and Russia. The first business operation in Asia was launched 2006 in China (where the service concept was relatively new) and in 2007 also in India. The company plans to build a comprehensive service network in all main Chinese cities.

The newest additional offering is a brand product service covering corporate gifts to promotional products out of Finland but available in all of the 21 countries served. The array of full textile service activities is considerable and reaches from charting, workwear design, purchasing, the delivery of textiles to the client’s premises and picking up used textiles as well as the final responsible disposal of used textiles at the end of the lifecycle. With workwear design Lindström is assisting as an image builder for its customers.

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