Breaking News: Up jointly in arms to conquer the textile world markets

Breaking News

Up jointly in arms to conquer the textile world markets

Two prominent and very innovative Swiss textile companies are joining forces to better conquer the textile world markets. The two merging companies are Eschler Group, Bühler and Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen, both are family owned

Both of the companies cooperated in the production area for many years and have similar values and cultures and the two families will be represented as shareholders and at operational level. The synergy of woven and knitted fabrics will create a range of singularity in the textile sector. It will be the combination between innovative Schoeller textiles and technologies complemented by high quality and highly functional Eschler knitted fabrics and each company is world class in its segment.

As we reported last November 8 (Switzerland loses further attraction for textile production), Eschler announced that an innovation centre will be built in Bühler (CH) in the course of restructuring measures. With the merger, this project will now be realised in merging it to Schoellers research and development department at Sevelen and the Schoeller laboratory for chemical analysis and microbiological studies in Gams. According to Hans-Jürgen Hübner, Board Member of Schoeller Textile AG and head of Schoeller Medical – check TextileFuture tomorrow’s news for further details – is conviced that the power of this concentrated expertise opens up entirely new dimensions for further exciting developments”.

Eschler Textil will take over Eschler Textil GmbH in Balingen (D) – and Matthias Eschler will remain at the helm and will enhance the Technical Textile segment – as well as the sales organisation for commercial and professional sportswear (top remain in Bühler and employing 45 persons). The site in Germany will additionally manufacture high tech knit fabrics for Schoeller’s commercial and professional sportswear segement. Eschler as a well known brand will continue to be marketed and by retaining its indepence.

Schoeller is about to commission a new and most modern ecologically friendly automated washing system for stretch woven and knits at its Sevelen plant and production will continue in compliance with bluesign® standard. Schoeller’s top management sees this merger as an investment in a joint and successful future for premium Swiss textile products.

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