Good sales staff is scarce in China

Good sales staff is scarce in China

According to an interview that was conducted with an exponent of a successful German company (3000 collaborators and operating in 120 countries – not in the textile relevant fields but in weighing, food processing an labelling technology – the key to success in China are long term relationship and pricing compared to Germany where technical features are in the foreground but China is more focusing on price.

Sales approach in China is different than in Europe or America. In China you need a dealership network as partners to offer customer service on a daily basis and on-site and you have to be considerate of differing requirements in different provinces. In Germany a product is usually distributed nationwide but in China a local strategy is a must (and sales have to be drive and managed by local people), for instance in North China it is common that customers are more inclined to think long term, to invest in high quality products and automation, whereas in South China dominates price sensitivity. It is important to create teams according to individual customers and the level of technology of the product. Special international key accounts need also support from German company experts. There is one obstacle: qualified sales staff is scarce in China and in order to save time and organisational capacity it is wise to get support from experts having access to a professional network in the specific industries. This is what the interviewee declared and his findings do as well apply to the sectors of industry we are all interested in.

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