Research for textile innovations of tomorrow

Research for textile innovations of tomorrow

Around 200 scientists from 20 countries attended the International Fiber Society Spring Conference of May 23 to 25, 2012 at Swiss Empa (Materials, science and technology) in St. Gall and double the volume of experts’ papers were initially submitted than the organisers were able to accommodate

The motto of the conference was “Fibre Research for Tomorrow’s Applications and all experts and participants are convinced that the textile potential is fully intact. The event was the ideal platform to exchange ideas and knowhow in order to initiate and plan collaborative projects. There was witnessed a general trend for textiles to find new areas of application with high added value such as in the medical field where implants are made of textiles for instance to replace blood vessels or heart valves. Conductive fibres are leading to a fusion of electronics and textile technology with a large potential for monitoring bodily functions and applications in telemedicine.

As we all know well, Empa is also on a broad range of solution and presented the latest results during the conference, one in the area of electro-spinning, a process by which fibres of both polymer and purely inorganic material as well as composites of both can be manufactured with diameters in the naonometer range, thus allowing to create novel nonwoven textile-based materials for applications in medical and filter technologies as well as in catalytic processes.

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