New German dyeing range for Bangladeshi textile production

New German dyeing range for Bangladeshi textile production

Bangladeshi Viyellatex Ltd.(founded 1996 as a knit and textile manufacturing company, now fully integrated from raw material to knitting, dyeing, washing, cutting, sewing and finishing and producing exclusively for export) has installed seven German Thies iMaster H2O dyeing ranges in order to save water, gas, electricity as well as dye stuffs and chemicals

This evidences what we have reported that Bangladesh’s textile mills are modernising their plants in order to remain competitive and to up-grade their product ranges for the future. For further reference see e-paper issue of January 2012 of TextileFuture (

IMG_6974 (Medium) Thies BangladeshViyellatex has a customer base such as Marks & Spencer, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Puma, Timberland, Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger and Hawes & Curtis and is planning future growth in dyeing and garments. The dye house has been operating for several years in a combination of Thies and Chinese-built equipment and at a capacity of 30 t daily and is now opting for the sustainable solution of Thies iMaster only. An extension of the factory was erected and is now hosting the new Thies dye house since early 2012 and is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The iMasters are laid out for various capacities and are usually loaded to about 95 % of their capacities and under various dyeing cycles depending on the depth of the colour and it is obvious that light colours take less time than deeper colours and the average output is three to four batches per day. Kazi Monjurul Islam the COO of Viyellatex praises the low liquor ratio varying between 1 : 4 and 1 : 5 allowing a cost effective dyeing and the overall water consumption is 35 – 40 litre/kg of dyed fabric of superior quality and low shrinking factor thanks to the small degree of rope lifting. The very low nozzle pressures help to achieve the best quality fabric surface.

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