New textile care labelling code

New textile care labelling code

Instead of adding to confusion ISO International Standarisation Organisation has released a new standard for textile care labelling helping consumers to know whether they have to wash, dry clean or iron their favourite T-Shirt or clothing

iso_home-largeThe new standard ISO 3758:2012 (third edition and replaces ISO 3758:2005) is a textile care labelling code using symbols indicating to the consumers, launderers and dry cleaners with a collection of symbols what type of care is needed to prevent irreversible damage to a beloved textile during the care process. The updated standard entails the latest technical developments, new bleach systems and as an alternative to conventional dry cleaning also aqueous systems. Added were also modifications in the description of care processes in order to avoid a hindering process development. The variety of fibres, materials and finishes used in the production of textile articles together with the development of cleansing and care procedures makes it difficult and often quite impossible to decide on the appropriate cleansing and care treatment for each article by simply inspecting it and the new standard has been established flexible to accommodate the needs of all who want to make use of the new standard giving not only a safe cleaning method and care labels but describing also necessary warning about certain cleaning methods thus irrevocably harming the beloved textile. The standard is available from ISO national member institutes and the list can be found on the website below or alternatively the standard is also commercially available also at the ISO Store.

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