75 years and still going innovative

75 years and still going innovative

German warp knitting specialist Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik is celebrating its 75th anniversary

Memorable photograph of founder Karl Mayer with collaborators and Japanese customers in the 1960’s

The production of warp knitting machines started in 1947 and in 1960 the company employed 1200 people in the largest factory of its sector and reached a monthly output of 140 to 150 knitting machines and delivered machine number 5000 the same year and exactly 50 years later number 100000 went to a customer. Today manufacturing takes place in Europe as well as in China and Karl Mayer delivers evermore complex, innovative and high tech machinery for high speed manufacturing of lace underwear, functional sportswear or curtains, shoes, coating, artificial blood vessels. The company prepares celebration festivities with customers and collaborators. For details visit the following website.


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