Enhancing a brands identity in two divisions

German Gardeur GmbH (founded in 1920 in Mönchengladbach) is a specialist for high quality and innovative trousers and skirts (around 3 million pieces annually) and Germany’s only fully integrated manufacturer of trousers and guaranteeing fast reaction on market requirements. There are international retail shops (around 478 for men’s wear and 379 for women’s wear)

GARDEUR_Werk_TunesienGardeur has its own production plants in Tunis, Tunisia delivering around half of the total required production. The share of export is around 54 % and around 2200 people are employed and the company has around 3000 customers who entrust Gardeur with production orders. Since 2008 the private investment company CAPELLENCE is owner of Gardeur. Lately the company has consolidated its sales department and created a new position in flash development and market networking.

Women’s and men’s wear are forged to a national and an international division. The national division will be gradually managed by Petra Pankoke (45) as of October 2012. In addition she handles also management activities at Gardeur Service GmbH. Head of the international division (including German speaking countries) will be Vasgen Arutunian and he will also be responsible for logistical aspects and Gardeur online stores.

The former head of men’s wear sales (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Marc Alexander Kofler will be focusing on flash development and market networking and will continue to develop the company’s women’s and men’s wear lines and will be responsible for the fashionable and progressive premium line g design for both men and women.

Atelier Gardeur is since February last the new brand name for trousers and stands that all comes from one hand, from design to own tailoring and laundering facilities. A new website is enhancing the brands identity. In addition to the northern sales Area there was also created the new Eastern Region and they are headed by Olaf Schrader (men’s wear) and Antje Dhalhoff (women’s wear). Gabriele Drechsler former responsible for the Eastern Sales Area has decided to leave the company as well as Claudia Seiche, formerly head of women’s wear sales (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

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