Another change of ownership at SwissTex France

Another change of ownership at SwissTex France

In April 2010 SwissTex France SAS, Valence (F) (formerly belonging to the Swiss Rieter Group and SwissTex Winterthur AG) became a 100 % subsidiary within Munich based Bavaria Group and now in May again ownership has changed

SwissTex France is a manufacturer of twisting, assembling, cabling, covering and winding machinery for technical and textile yarn markets. SwissTex France has been under regulation of French courts. The French Reyes Groupe (founded in 1974 and active in various industrial sectors and among electromechanical products and solutions) has now acquired all assets of SwissTex France and the company will continue to operate but under the name of Verdol. The two companies were cooperating for more than 25 years and are knowledgeable of the brands Verdol, ICBT, Rieter ICBT and RITM. The new owner believes to put new resources at the disposal of the acquired company and enhance customer services.

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