Recalled textile products in U.S.A.

Recalled textile products in U.S.A.

According to US statistics and the National Textile Association the following textile products were recalled for security reason in USA and in the past few weeks, most of them manufactured in China but also in India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia

The list shows in May 720 Boy’s hooded jackets made in China, 320 Class Club Children’s Letterman Jackets from Vietnam, 1700 Boy’s jogging suits from China, 600 boy’s hooded flannel shirts from India, 500 Girls’ hooded sweatshirts from Cambodia, 2300 Girls’ hooded winter jackets from China, 210 Girls’ hooded sweatshirts also from China and in April 5000 Youth Jackets manufactured in Vietnam, Malaysia and China as well as 13000 Girls’ Jacket from China.

It is noteworthy to add that in March clothing sales were 4.1 % (1 %) up and Limited Brands, Target, Macy’s and Gap (+ 8 %) were benefitting and discounters such as TJX Companies Inc. and Ross stores.

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