Good news from China for textile machinery manufacturers

Good news from China for textile machinery manufacturers

As we all know China’s textile and clothing industry is to upgrade its machinery and textile products. Since labour becomes rather expensive, more and more companies are looking for automation of their processes

Textiles and clothing are important industrial sectors in China. Automation seems to be at the forefront of the new Chinese entrepreneurial spirit, it started in electronics and now spreads to textile productions. According to a newsletter of Swiss Credit Suisse the internationally operating bank, it seems to be a new urge to substitute human labour and to invest in highest and most recent technology. These efforts are generously supported by the government. The entrepreneurs seem to be aware of the fact if one doesn’t invest the company will fall behind the pack or worse go bankrupt. Also smaller and medium companies are following the trend.

Automation seems to be costly but on the long run the investment is certainly paying off. It will not come as a surprise at the upcoming ITMA Asia + CITME that the interest for automation in textile production will translate into new orders for the European machinery manufacturers because they have a proven record in highly industrialised countries that their sustainable steps of automation fulfil also the newest Chinese requirements.

On the other hand, automation is less urgent for the Chinese clothing industry because they can profit of a large reservoir of labour, but in textiles qualified help is scarcer and more expensive. And some state owned company will tend to show their social responsibility and that is still to create labour for the population and not to create social unrest.

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