Largest denim manufacturer bets on Montex 6500 stenter

Largest denim manufacturer bets on Montex 6500 stenter

The world’s largest high quality denim manufacturer Tavex – with plants in Spain, Morocco, Brazil and Argentina – has installed the new Monforts Montex 6500 stenter (eight chambres with a width of 200 cm) – in addition to the two Monforts Sanforisors already in place – at its Mexican Tlaxcala site to increase its production of stretched denim

Four years ago, Tavex acquired the Mexican denim manufacturer Accotex with plants in Puebla and Tlaxcala and to increase its access to the American market.

Accotex had installed another make of stenter and a long time before the acquisition by Tavex, whereas Tavex is making exclusive use of Monforts stenters within the group.

Stretched denim represents the most important volume trend in the market and Mexico Tavex is markedly expanding this sector and according to Adalberto Avendano, Tavex’s manager for dyeing and finishing at Tlaxcala considers the strategy to emulate the premium European stretches and manufacture it much closer to the American market where 90% of its Mexican production is absorbed. Tavex’s total Mexican denim capacity is more than 20 million meters per year.

IMG_2818 (Medium) Monforts MexicoIMG_2818 (Medium) Monforts Mexico

The Montex 6500 stenter was delivered and installed in 2011 by Sattex, the Monforts distributor for Mexico. The stenter is handling materials widths of 170 to9 180 cm and weights ranging between 290 gm/m2 and 460 gm/m2. The machines are in use on a 24 hour basis in t2wo shifts from Monday through Thursday. They are idle on the three following days. The stenter serves two machines processing annually around 17 million meters of denim and during March to December 2011 when the Montex stenter came on line it processed six million metres of stretched denim.

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