Record fibre output for Lenzing

Record fibre output for Lenzing

According to in-house information of Lenzing Group (A), the international fibre business is in a consolidation phase and average Lenzing fibre selling prices declined 11 % as against the comparable first quarter of 2011 but this could be compensated by the new record fibre output and a capacity utilisation of over 95 %.

The Lenzing Fibre segment registered in the first quarter of the ongoing year a turnover of EUR 474.4 (EUR 481.4) million and an operating result (EBITDA) of EUR 87.2 (EUR 109.7) million and an EBIT of EUR 62.5 (86.9) million.

Lenzing headquarters in AustriaLenzing Group (Fibres, Plastics and Engineering) achieved a total turnover of EUR 528.2 (EUR 532.1) million and an EBITDA of EUR 93.1 (EUR 114.9) million and an EBIT of EUR 67.2 (EUR 90.7) million and a profit of EUR 48.4 (EUR 66.9) million. The outlook for Lenzing is bright and the fibre shipment will amount to around 810’000 t for the fiscal year 2012 and will result into consolidated sales figures of EUR 2.2 to EUR 2.3 billion despite lower average fibre selling prices and of course all depends on the future developments in regard to fibre and raw material prices and global economy.

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