Hot wire to cut 3D knitted fabrics

Hot wire to cut 3D knitted fabrics

Saxon’s Textile Research Institute (STFI) in Chemnitz (D) has been part of a joint research project “automated confection of 3D knitted fabrics” with industrial partners such Pressless GmbH, Falkenau (D) and AKE-Systemtechnik, Reinsdorf (D)

stfi Schneidroboter

The involved parties developed an experimental platform to cut 3D high-tech knitted fabrics made from thermoplastic fiber material such as PES and up to 50 mm thickness. The specially engineered hot wire cutting head was developed by STFI. The experimental platform will be further used to enhance the confection technologies for 3D knitted fabrics and such materials are applied for the upholstery of furniture and car seats and both products need a precise cutting and instant sealing of the cutting edge.

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