Less cotton planted in America

Less cotton planted in America

In 2012 nearly 13.2 million acres are earmarked by American farmers for planting cotton and this projection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture is based on a survey of early March and the finding is that after two consecutive seasons of adding acreage this new figure means a decline by 1.6 million acres or by 11 %

The area for the qualities Upland (share of total will be 26 %, in 2011 28 %) and extra-long staple (ELS) will be also less with projected about 12.9 million acres for Upland and 270000 acres for ELS. Already on April 8th however cotton planting started in a number of states with 9 % of the expected area planted, in 2011 it was only 7 %.

These figures prove that each Cotton Belt region will plant less while three out of the four regions are expected to plant more other species. Each region’s share of Upland will remain about the same as 2011. The Southwest will be planting 7.2 million acres or about 840000 acres (10 %) below 2011 and will account for nearly 56 % of Upland in 2012.

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