Texcare reports success

Texcare reports success

Texcare International in Frankfurt (D) the technical exhibition for textile care (May 5 – 9, 2012) welcomed 15800 (15275) visitors from 100 countries and foreign visitors had a share of 52 % and 264 (261) exhibitors.

The 10 top visitor countries were Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, the Russian Federation, Denmark and Sweden.

The survey conducted during the exhibition proved that 89 % – or five percent more than in 2008 – of the exhibitors are considering that their branches of industry have an excellent performance and also 86 % of the visitors were expressing the same.

The parallel Texcare Forum (1180 attendees of the conference) and the fashion shows represented other highlights during the exhibition.

The next Texcare International in Frankfurt will take place from June 11 – 15, 2016 (for similar exhibitions in other regions please refer to the button events of TextileFuture or the following website address)


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