The world’s first nano-enhanced Carbon fibre bike rim

The world’s first nano-enhanced Carbon fibre bike rim

American Zyvex Technologies – according to in-house information the world’s first molecular nanotechnology company – and ENVE Composites are entering an exclusive partnership to provide a bicycle rim specifically for downhill mountain biking by using the latest most advanced comprised of nano-enhanced carbon fibre called offering specific advantages to downhill cyclists including those participating at the highest levels of World Cup racing

The nano-enhanced carbon fibre technology is called Arovex and is a carbon nanotube and grapheme engineered composite material using the proprietary Kentera technology to create chemical bonds on the carbon nanotubes. It provides toughness without compromising strength and protects from fracture damage. ENVE acquired an exclusive license for this advanced technology for cycling applications and after a year of development sponsored cyclist Greg Minnaar won the 2012 World Coup in South Africa and thus opened up future opportunities.

The ability to move and combine individual atoms and molecules are believed to revolutionise the production of every human-made object and thus to a potential new technology revolution and carbon atoms might become significant for the 21th century as silicon became for the 20th century.

Zyvex Technology, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (USA) is the first company to globally commercialise nano-enhanced products from carbon atoms and has built up a USD 40 billion supply chain in less than four years.

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