Consumer confidence index globally mostly on the rise

Consumer confidence index globally mostly on the rise

The global consumer confidence index for the first quarter of 2012 is according to the Nielsen Company and based on a global survey among more than 28000 internet users in more than 50 different countries and geographical regions on the rise and the consumers in Taiwan, Chile and the USA – among others – are in the driver’s seat or 68 % of the respondents are underlining the stated trend

In the first quarter of the ongoing year the consumer confidence is on the rise in 38 countries, however in 16 countries the confidence is diminishing or stable.

Around the globe and in view to job and financial prospects the respondents are more optimistic – most predominantly in America and Asia – regarding their enhancements than in the last quarter of 2011.

The regional development can be had from the following graph:



It is noteworthy that Germany ranks number three following Norway and Denmark. German consumers invested in the first quarter of 2012 foremost in new clothing and vacation/travel and they paid back personal debts and invested in pension funds however they worry about the rising cost of auxiliaries in connection with homes and apartments and they are concerned about general economic conditions. The worry regarding the upward pricing of petrol at the pumps is more prominent than the fear to lose the job.

Austrian consumer are more pessimistic (- 4 points) and the level nears almost the one of the crises in 2009. On the other hand job security is rated a bit better than in the last quarter of 2011 but in view to the personal financial outlook they are pessimistic. Also Austrian consumers put specific weight on repayment of debts, payments in pension funds and they are worried in view to the further economic development in their country and rising costs of homes and apartments and food.

Switzerland’s consumers are becoming more and more pessimistic because they consider their job prospects in danger and therefore they rate their personal income prospects sceptical (- 23 points) and they are more hesitant to spend. The available spending money is invested in vacation and travel. The main worries are the economic situation and job security.

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