Only filtration business is picking up

Only filtration business is picking up

Ahlstrom’s (SF) quarterly report reflects that only the filtration business increased its turnover from EUR 82.3 to EUR 87.5 million or plus 6.3 % whereas overall net sales declined by 3.9 % or from EUR 422.5 million to EUR 405.8 million

The division Building and Energy declined 16.4 % or from 82.0 million to EUR 68.5 million, Food and Medical business declined 4.7 % or from EUR 93.4 to EUR 89.0 million and Label and Processing lost 7.3 % to EUR 168.5 (EUR 181.7) million. Specifically there was a weak demand in Europe, however the North American business showed some signs of recovery and Asian Markets, particularly China, experienced a slowdown at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. Product prices were on the raise but could not compensate the lesser demand. Total operating profit dropped by 12.5 % or from EUR 19.5 to EUR 17.0 million.

Filtration is mostly on demand because of new regulations in various countries and probably also because the automotive industry sells again more cars.

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