Oerlikon Textile more orders and better profits

Oerlikon Textile with better sales and profit

Oerlikon Textile (textile machinery and systems) a group member of Swiss Oerlikon Corporation could improve sales in the first quarter 2012 by eight percent or from CHF 458 to CHF 496 million and its operating result (EBIT) from CHF 38 to CHF 90 million thus the EBIT margin did more than double or from 8.3 % to 18.1 %, however these EBIT figures comprise the effect of the sale of Arbon (CH) property for CHF 39 million, excluding this onetime effect EBIT increased 34 % or from CHF 38 to CHF51 million and thus the margin from 8.3 to 10.3 %.

Order intake however declined by 19 % or from CHF 626 to CHF 504 million and order backlog dropped 26 % or from CHF 1394 to CHF 1031 million.

Oerlikon further reports that the weakness in the natural fibre market shows signs of recovery and that more than 150 units of the new Autocoro 8 rotor spinning machines were worldwide sold since its launch. The more profitable situation is attributed to the innovative product mix and the implementation of Operational Excellence measures.

The presented figures are better than what financial analysts expected, not only for Oerlikon Textile but also for Oerlikon Group: total sales grew by six percent or from CHF 906 to CHF 961 million and the operating result increased by 43 % or from CHF 106 to CHF 152 million. Total order volume diminished by 12 % or from CHF 1126 to CHF 996 million and order backlog by 21 % or from CHF 1693 to CHF 1345 million.


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