Bionic hollow fibre with self repairing effect

Bionic hollow fibre with self repairing effect

The German Institute for (ITCF) Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibres, Denkendorf, has performed research work on bionic hollow fibres with a mono nucleus for self repairing composites such as carbon fibre matrix-composite

The human corps is capable of healing itself and such bionic materials should be able to repair its original characteristics. New research has been proving that micro-ruptures in polymer matrices of composites can be immediately closed by the incorporated monomer systems. For that purpose micro capsules are filled in a complex process with monomer and homogenously mixed with the entire polymer matrices. When micro-ruptures occur, these capsules will be locally destroyed and the monomer liquid is networking with the help of a special catalyst with the matrices thus closing the rupture at least up the end of the life cycle of the product.

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