First biological pure production of Chitosan yarn

First biological pure production of Chitosan yarn

The Institute for ITM Textile Machinery and Textile Performing Materials (Technical University Dresden, Germany) and Chitosan manufacturer Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH (D) has been very fruitful and resulted in the manufacturing of the first biological pure Chitosan yarn

The wet spun natural material deriving from modified shells (pulp) of crustaceans is bio-compatible and degrading itself in human bodies thus allowing multiple bio-medical solutions. Chitin/Chitosan is a white and porous polysaccharide that forms the hard shell of crustaceans but is also found in dragonflies, grasshoppers and beetles, mushrooms and cell walls of fungi. Up to now there is no fabric known of the same high quality, purity and steadiness. Medical regeneration measures could make use of this material as a matrix to be mixed with human cells in order to reconstruct for instance a heart muscle and Chitosan would serve as a construction auxiliary with self degradation. For surgical use the absorbing fabric could be used as filling material, bleeding stopper or for distance preservation purposes. The project forms part of the central innovation program for medium companies under the umbrella of the German Ministry of Economics.

Also Swiss Swicofil is making use of Chitosan and produces Crabyon® a fibre of a blend of Chitosan and viscose. Chitosan has a structure very similar to cellulose and can therefore be used in blends (5 to 20 %) with cotton and viscose offering versatility and easy dyeing. The blending keeps its characteristics unaffected by washing, abrasion or other influences.

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