New Montex stenter for home textiles specialist

New Montex stenter for home textiles specialist

German A. Montforts Textile Machinery has sold a new Montex 6500 eight chamber stenter to Mexican home textiles specialist Colchas Mexico SA de CV, Mexico City, and it will run alongside the installed Montex 5000 in 2000

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Colchas (based in Mexico City and founded in 1959) is a long time specialist manufacturer of bedding and home textiles ranging from greige goods to finished products and 80 % is destined for the domestic market and 20 % is exported to the United States. The company wanted to double the stenter capacity and because of the excellent experience with Monforts Montex 5000 (still working perfectly) the decision was taken to opt for the new Montex 6500 (320 cm width handling material width between 1.6 and 3.0 m and fabrics weight between 95 and 115 gm/m2) not only to increase production but also to reduce unit costs to become more efficient against Asian and Central America’s competition claiming more and more shares of business formerly attributed to Mexico. Colchas operates on a 24 hour basis with four days off per month for maintenance and the new stenter will be monthly processing around one million m2 and allowing more flexibility, short and long runs according to demand and no worry of output disruption.

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