Cooperation and support leads to new product lines

Cooperation and support leads to new product lines

How cooperation and support on different levels leads to new product lines is demonstrated by a fruitful collaboration between Swiss Clariant International (Special Chemicals and Textile Effects) and Schoeller Technologies (CH, innovative textile technologies) and American Under Armour (performance sportswear) and Sanitized AG (CH, antimicrobial finish, see also TextileFuture April e-paper issue with CEO interview

In March Under Armour launched its latest coldblack® sportswear collection with advanced UV protection and reflection and antimicrobial finish for freshness, performance and wearing comfort.

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Award-winning coldblack® finishing technology reduces significantly the absorption of heat rays, particularly by darker coloured clothing leading to improved heat management, reliable protection from UV rays and extended design colour range for athletes who participate in outdoor competitions and additionally coldblack® contains only bluesign® approved sustainable compents.

Under Armour (founded in 1996 by the former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank and his original ambition to bring a superior T-shirt to market that is providing both compression and moisture management) makes use of all of these possibilities in its sports apparel ranges for men’s and women’s running, golf, and training apparel categories and fulfilling the company’s pledge to assist athletes to enhance their performance through science, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

For the latest range Clariant and Schoeller mobilised their experts and intensive lab research development and testing for the applied coldblack® technology and making use of industrial tests with selected mill partners on four continents. This led to the development of around 144 separate coldblack® formulations to date for the 100% knitted and woven polyester fabrics, its blends with elastane and polyamide and in an extensive range of colours.


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