Results are reflecting the state of “health” of the economies

Results are reflecting the state of “health” of the economies

American Kimberley-Clark (Personal Care, Consumer Tissues, Professional Tissues) with its worldwide presence reports in the first quarter 2012 sales of USD 5.2 billion (+ 4 %) and looking at details one can detect how the global markets tick

The segment Personal Care had a eight percent higher turnover of USD 2.4 billion, sales rose six percent and selling prices improved three percent whereas currency rates reduced sales by one percent. The operating profit increased by w percent to USD 399 million. Sales in North America increased by one percent, whereas net selling price was around two percent higher. In Europe sales improved by four percent and sales volume rose by 11 percent an in the segments child care, Huggies diapers and baby wipes and non-branded offerings. The Consumer Tissue Segment sales decrease by one percent to USD 1.7 billion and operating profit increased by 45 percent to USD 217 million.. Turnover in North America was about the same as the same period in 2011 whereas in Europe it decreased by five percent.

Having stated these figures it is clear that in North America consumers continue to spend in a choosy way and in Europe there is still some doubt if the credit crunch and political changes will not demand sacrifices and therefore the European consumer is more prudent, perhaps with the exception of the German consumer who seems to be spending more optimistic.

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