Worth Reading… or participating in webinar

Worth Reading… or participating in webinar

Decline in organic cotton fibre production

American Textile Exchange has just released its 2011 Farm & Fibre Report revealing that there has occurred a significant organic cotton fibre production. It declines by 35 % or from 241697 to 151079 metric tons but 128966 farmers were growing organic cotton on 324577 hectares. Also for the ongoing season 2011-12 a further production decline of five percent is expected.

There will be a Farm & Fibre Webinar by Textile Exchange to review the report on coming April 24 or 26 (see web address at the bottom) and for non-members the fee is USD 50 (webinar plus download 27 pages of the Executive Summary of the report). The full report entails 131 pages with in depth case studies and executive summary.


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