Plastic is a fantastic designer material for fashion items

Plastic is a fantastic designer material for fashion items

Polymer and other plastic material are representing a fantastic material for designers to create clothes, accessories and even beachwear

OD-AQ499A_plast_DV_20120412193024 Wall Street Journal
Plastic materials are designer’s
excitement for fashion creations
but difficult to sell

Andy Warhol was excited by the application of plastic and also fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is intrigued by the possibility of polymer applications in fashion and he created for Chanel a plastic ensemble, a peach-hued pantsuit and green boots and shorts and a clear vinyl jacket for the beach. Balenciaga’s chief designer Nicolas Ghesquière has been crating dresses and skirts with at first glance using feathers but it was a unique celluloid material to create a delicate fringe. At the Martin Margiela show models showed large plastic covers and designer Marc Jacobs is using polyurethane skirts and plastic cowboy boots for his spring line to make them not to feel real.

Designer Philip Lim  bets on nylon tops and jackets and New York label Rag & Bone on vinyl accents with flowing boehemian silhouettes for spring. 

Tomoko Ogura, fashion director at U.S. Barneys Co-op considers plastic ready-to-wear as challenging, meaning difficult to translate these items into sales, because buyers picture an allover plastic piece and they would like to have it developed into another fabric and offering the nicety of a more commercial, salable piece but designers are still excited of using plastic to distinguish their creations, maybe because they are avant-garde and buyers and end customers have not yet settled to the futuristic material for fashion items.

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