Worth reading -American L.L. Bean celebrates 100 years

American L.L. Bean celebrates 100 years

L.L. Bean, Inc., a leading American multichannel retailer of quality outdoor gear and apparel is celebrating its 100th anniversary by publishing a book on the Bean’s Century of Outfitting America

The book “Guarantee to Last” (Melcher Media, January 2012) written by Jim Gorman, award winning writer, outdoor enthusiast and contributing editor to Backpacker and Popular Mechanics. The book offers the first comprehensive historical look at L.L. Bean and explores the company’s place in the American culture and how it has helped the nation to learn to love the outdoors. For that purpose the company opened its archives to the author. The book is illustrated and describes and shows styles of each decade and Jim Gorman’s account of a typical day at the company, including an overnight visit to the 24-hour flagship store in Freeport (3 milllion visitors yearly and 200000 square feet surface open for shopping 365 days a year) and a behind-the-scenes look at all aspects of the operation, from a Product Research and Testing Laboratory to a Call Center. The book is commercially available and can be ordered on the website of the company indicated below.

The company republished also Hunting, Fishing and Camping, a guide to the outdoors written in 1942 by the company’s found, Leon Leonwood Bean.


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