Swiss company outfits presidential jet plane

Swiss company outfits presidential jet plane

Swiss Lantal is according to in-house information the world’s leading textile outfitter of airplanes, ships and public transport systems and for the airline business exists an American sales office with 57 persons for that specific market (share 20 % of Lantal’s business; total Lantal exports are 95 %) and is transforming its organization from textile manufacturer to offering system solutions, for instance pneumatic seating in airplanes and there sales increased by 44 % in 2011 (so far sole customer Swiss Airlines, but now because of considerable weight savings needing less petrol and thus cost saving also other airline companies)

The total turnover of Lantal (180 persons work in the two Swiss production sites and further 70 at headquarter) increased in 2011 by 3 % to CHF 84.9 million despite the strong CHF and higher raw material prices.

Lantal has been entrusted for the third time to outfit Barack Obamas Air Force one with seat covers, curtains and carpets. Boeing and Airbus are the main customers in the airline business but there are two new important customers in sight Comac, a Chinese consortium and the Russian airplane building holding UAC. For the Chinese business Lantal explores the opening of a new production site in China.

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