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2011 Market Report Survey of Textile Exchange

The 2011 Market Report Survey of Textile Exchange (USA) is now commercially available. Textile Exchange has teamed up with Texas Tech University and Qualtrics for the purpose of this publication focusing on the use of more sustainable cotton fibres like Fairtrade, Cotton mad in Africa, Better Cotton Initiative, CottonConnect’s More Sustainable, Cotton in Conversion and the signature fibre Organic Cotton of Textile Exchange

The survey was completed by March 9, 2012 and entails information to the only global report gathering information on the current and projected future use of many cotton initiatives.


Middle East and North Africa need to boost jobs

OECD the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development has recently published a joint study with the WEF World Economic Forum with the aim to interest foreign investment in the two regions of Middle East and North Africa and underlines the necessity for diversification away from the oil and gas industries in order to boost jobs in these regions still suffering from high and persistent unemployment particularly among the young because in some countries their jobless rates exceed 40 %. It pledges for other foreign investment to develop skills that match business needs, that help to tackle overly rigid labour market regulations and to integrate more women in the labour force as well as to foster business links between foreign investors and local suppliers and to target high value added sectors and to counter action corrup0tion and to promote responsible business conduct. The study updates the OECD/WEF Arab Wold Competitiveness Report 2011-12.


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