A Chinese example of quality dyeing and finishing

A Chinese example of quality dyeing and finishing

Guangzhou Donghaipang Dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd., founded in 2001 is a Chinese/Foreign joint venture company engaged in the production of superior quality fabrics finishing environmental friendly treatment and is making use of Fong’s Group “One-stop Dyeing and Finishing Complete Solution and Chemical Dispensing System”

Since the beginning of operation the factory has utilized Fong’s jet dyeing machine, Then’s airflow dyeing machine, as well as Then CHD chemical dispensing system (with a capacity of up to 80 tons of chemicals per day) and Monforts Fong’s stenter frame range. All the machines and the entire system are computerised and operate with Fong’s Viewtex total control system. The reason for Donghaipang to select Fong’s products are – according to Li Zhiyong, General Manager, that Fong’s is providing a one stop service, avoiding the incompatible problem among hardware and software and at the same the company provides comprehensive and accurate technical support and after-sales service, short erection times, commissioning and adjustments. In addition CHD is a central distributor providing also pipes, valves, quick join and day tank with pipe and with Fong’s quality guarantee. THEN CHD provides cost effectiveness and automatic operation. It minimises batch differences and human errors in weighting and the waste of chemicals in the weighting process and transportations and saves manpower in operation. It also prevents accidents caused by chemical contact by workers. The operation is simple and the operators do not need a high level of computer knowledge. There is no special maintenance needed with the exception of the required daily maintenance and the technicians are able to operate the system after a short training. Once the data input is processed in the centrally controlled computer the process is automatically performed and required auxiliaries will be delivered on time and the entire operation process is monitored by computer.

On the basis of the excellent experience made, Donghaipang is now considering the acquisition of CKM (Colour kitchen management system). In other words, the pledge of Fong’s “One-stop GREEN innovation” has become reality for Fong’s customers (e.g. also Lu Thai and its subsidiary Lu Feng).


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